What We Do

UBIC uses effective communication and information dissemination strategies to ensure that Ugandans and end-users are aware of and can adequately use the agricultural innovations that can mitigate some of these challenges.

UBIC’s activities include:

  • Awareness seminars, training meetings for targeted stake­holders’ groups to promote dialogues and communication for increased under­standing and decision-making on new agricultural technologies
  • Exhibitions and seeing-is-believing tours for various local, regional and international stakeholders to expose them to the research activities at NARO, and to farms to showcase agricultural innovations
  • Media engagements and speaking opportunities to increase positive media presence of agricultural innovations and technologies by interacting with media through meetings, engagements in NARO activities, and media programs on
  • Annual Writing and Drawing Contests to engage youth in formal education system in the discussion of relevant technologies for agricultural improvement in Uganda.
  • Schools Outreach Program to engage educators and learners so as to interest students in agricultural- related sciences and courses. We aim to share integrate the advances in agricultural research and applied technologies in the teaching materials and in the curriculum
  • Publications and information materials are produced and disseminated to create awareness about advances in agricultural innovations and technologies such as hybrids and biotechnology crops

Who we are